SureFire ISS Window and Door Software

SureFire ISS (Installation, Sales, Service)

ONLine ISS ICONSureFire ISS is a web-based software product, designed for the Window and Door Dealer/Distributor. With the unique SureFire ISS Import Wizard, the Window and Door Dealer/Distributor can use ANY Manufacturer’s quoting tool and automatically create a personalized proposal, with NO manual Re-Entry.

The SureFire ISS Import Wizard will also automatically add your installation charges and supplies, creating a total package quote for YOUR customer, with YOUR company’s branding.

SureFire ISS is more than just a quoting tool. It is a complete operations software, from purchase orders to invoices. With Installation and Service modules, create work orders, debrief documents, and pay schedules.Create and Maintain your own unique products with the SureFire ISS Items Library.

SureFire ISS provides the way for you to manage your Installation business with multiple manufacturer’s quoting tools, all completely under your control from anywhere in the world.  Our software is fully Internet-based, so there is nothing to install and no updates to worry about.

SureFire ISS gives Dealer/Distributors tools to manage operations including:

  • Quoting
  • Purchasing
  • Warehousing
  • Delivery/Installation
  • Invoicing
  • Service work

Stay focused on generating a great customer experience with SureFire ISS.

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