Window and Door Software The SureFire Way

SureFire’s Team has the ability to tour a factory and understand what is really happening because we have many years of experience actually running factories.  We at SureFire Systems are unique in the Window and Door Software Industry. Our team is comprised of Industry Veterans who have brought their first-hand knowledge of the needs of the Window and Door Industry to the software development process

SureFire software is very pragmatic and oriented around the tasks required to get results in a window factory.  We didn’t take ‘Industry Standard’ manufacturing software suitable for building 747 jetliners and reshape it for the window and door industry.  We created SureFire as a software package focused solely on the special needs of the window and door industry.

We are unique in the window and door software industry with our senior staff’s 100 plus years of actual window and door manufacturing, sales, marketing and management experience.  Our vast knowledge of the business makes us better communicators in the business.  SureFire Team members can talk to individuals in your business at many levels without needing someone to “translate” or interpret the unique terminology and vocabulary specific to the window industry. We understand these products from years of making them and installing them into builder’s openings. We can talk directly with factory workers and put their comments in context with your goals to deliver a coherent system that makes sense all the way up and down the chain.  This is SureFire Systems, Inc.’s multi-faceted approach to a fully integrated Software Solution for the Window and Door Industry.

SureFire specializes in managing Installed Sales, Installer Management, and what it takes to correctly and profitably work directly with builders in an Installed Market. This experience helps us guide Manufacturers in selecting the products and services they offer to their customers.

As a SureFire client, you have direct and unrestricted access to the developers of SureFire, so that ideas and new feature requests don’t go to a Committee. You get responses and feedback directly from the people responsible for the software.

SureFire will not do open-ended Implementations. You will know your costs of the Project and they are fixed.